Select team to compete in ‘Chopped’ style cooking challenge

Team Buvons

Select employees of Ferebee Lane + Co. today formed Team Buvons under the leadership of Andrew Trull.

Named after the French term meaning “let’s drink,” the respected culinary team will compete against fellow agency employees in a ‘Chopped’ style cooking challenge at Charleston Cooks in Greenville.

The Ferebee Lane ‘Chopped’ Challenge is the signature Holiday event sponsored by agency partners, Matt Ferebee and Josh Lane, who have built an expertise in hospitality and high-end cookware marketing communications.

“The term, buvons celebrates our team’s jovial spirit and firm conviction that cooking is better when you have a cocktail in hand,” said Trull. “While our intent is to win, we look forward to the shared experience good food inspires.”

Under the direction of Trull, Team Buvons plans to coalesce experience in the kitchen with a deep understanding of complimentary flavors to meld mystery ingredients into a well composed dish.

“The teams should expect some unusual twists throughout the challenge,” according to organizer, Janis Leidlein. “The concept was designed to be fun, encourage laughter and give employees the opportunity to exercise their creativity in a new and unexpected way.”

For more information on Ferebee Lane + Co., visit www.FerebeeLane.com.


Founded by Andrew Trull, Team Buvons celebrates the fun-loving, social atmosphere of the kitchen. An invitation to join our team for a drink, our name and our cooking marries a modern palate with Southern sensibilities. Whether you prefer a Kentucky bourbon or a French Bordeaux, we believe that food tastes best when good friends gather in the kitchen and imbibe.


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